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Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is very valuable to us and we do not collect any personal information from our visitors and users.

Your IP address, browsing information or internal pages is just gather for giving you a better services. AS www.tutorialsacademy.com requires no user registration. Users are free to visit www.tutorialsacademy.com and navigate all its pages.


www.tutorialsacademy.com uses cookies like almost all websites uses cookies in order to better serve the visitor with customized content.

Cookies are short text files that are situated on your mobile phone or computer when you browse websites, to help give you with the better experience we can.

Advertising Cookies:

Cookies are used to control the advertisements that is served by Google, Inc and affiliated companies. Google ads are displayed based on these cookies what you looking most on this website as well as other website that use Google advertising services.

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