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Copyright Information:

All Videos , pages and graphics on this website are the property of the company tutorialsacademy.com.


The tutorials, web pages, code snippets, graphics, diagrams, artwork and study material (referred to as "contents") are the copyrighted property of tutorialsacademy.com of Pakistan Limited. It is strictly restricted to reuse, retain, reproduce or publish the contents or a some part of the contents in any format, without our written consent.

Claims of Infringement:

If you find any of or some part of your work has been duplicated in any tutorials, white papers, shared tutorials or any other part of the website and you are sure about that it violates copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights are breach, kindly notify us to claim for other intellectual property or copyright infringement.

You can claim for the violation by providing correct and valid proofs of your work. And do not hesitate to contact with us via email or phone number that is provided in the contact us section.


tutorialsacademy.com is not provide any kind of warranty. We do not insure you that all our code or example are error free. The example and code that tutorialsacademy.com use in our tutorials or courses or only for demo purposes and we do not give you any kind of warranty in terms of fitness, merchantability, performance and/or any other warranty.

If you discover that the tutorialsacademy.com or its contents consists of some errors Do not hesitate to contact with us so that these errors and mistake can be corrected.